Rainbow Chaser Project    (Virtual teaching available during Covid-19)

Rainbow Chaser Project


  • have fun with photography

  • learn vital skills

  • see the world through a new perspective

Being outdoors and interacting with natural surroundings help us in developing vital skills

Some of the important skills that can be learnt through such interactions are..

Indoor activities on bad-weather days can be a lot of fun when spent on creative pursuits

Learn to focus, create, understand, be mindful and become aware.

Project - See the Light

Once the role of light is learnt, the rest is down to creativity. 

Participants' Gallery

Some examples of youngsters' works.


INSET Day Photography at Ashton House School, Isleworth.                                                                                         Return Home


Indoor Creativity                                                                                                                                                                                                               

The beauty of creative activities is that they can continue even when the weather is not perfect for stepping outdoors. We all have abundant things around our own homes or classrooms that can be used to create interesting images, even abstracts.

Interacting with others and bouncing off ideas increase confidence. It also raises awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. Over a time, this can become a habit that can help in our ability to concentrate.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Return Home


Project - See The Light                                                                                                                                                                   Return Home

Winning series - Egg carton - a photographic series by team of 4- Alexa, Sophie, Jade and Ali - Directed by Sophie


Project "See the Light"

This was a project youngsters recently worked on. 

The first part of the session was to get the kids to observe carefully the still-life photographs and paintings by various artists to understand the role of light in creating pictures. 

Props were then laid out on the table but kids had to figure out themselves how to arrange the items, how to place them in a way where they can make use of the available light and how to photograph them. It was so rewarding to see them all come up with their ideas and experiment. They were also shown how filters and panoramic mode can be used to create a different kind of look.

Kids were tasked with creating a series as a task at home. They sent me their work. The winning series is posted on the page.

Throughout the session, the kids were supported and taught the technical aspects of the camera. They were helped but were encouraged to try on their own first.

These are some examples of what they have been doing since. :)

More photos to follow....


Interaction with Nature                                                                                                                        Return Home

Some of the of essential skills learnt by interacting with the outdoor natural environment


Participants' Gallery - Selected images                                                                                                                                                                 Return Home

Experimenting with composition. Best way to learn how to observe lines, colours, textures, and shapes is to continue photographing small portions of the interiors of your home or school, and the outdoor spaces such as gardens, local parks or other easily accessible places. The secret is to continue photographing to understand the role of light in creating photographs. Objects around the room can make for very interesting photographs on bad weather days.

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