Mira Bai by Ernest Lowe

Saturday, 14th November 2020

On this auspicious occasion of Diwali, I would like to share a beautifully engaging account of devotion and deep mad love of Mirabai for Lord Krishna. 

Written by Ernest Lowe, American photographer and friend, who also kindly gives me permission to share it with the world.

I am amazed by Ernie's knowledge of our part of the world. Not many Indians know that Mirabai was the princess of Merta in Rajasthan.

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My favourite part:

"The main theme of her songs is still separation, but it is clear that she has matured in her love of Krishna. Her surrender to the Lord has taken her fully into the world where she acts without attachment to the fruits of her actions."



The following is my conversation with Ernie before my last India trip:


Ernie: Safe travels for Sapna! I see from your facebook page that you're from Rajasthan! 


From only 45 years ago! 

When I was with Swami Muktananda I wrote a screen play on the life of Mira Bai.

I had observed an American actress -- Leigh Taylor Young -- who Muktananda named Mirabai. (I see she died on Nov 1 in a car accident and that she spent two years in India, most likely at Muktananda's ashram near Mumbai.)

I conceived a complex project -- A film about the film crew and cast making a movie of the life of Mirabai. They face many worldly challenges from the producers and their own egos. The pdf I will send is the story they succeed in telling, in spite of the world they work in.

Of course that world wasn't interested when Leigh Taylor-Young tried to find a producer for the film.


Would you like to see my vision?


Sapna: I am indeed from Rajasthan and I would love to read your Mirabai film treatment. I have sung Mirabai bhajans from a young age. 

Perhaps you can attach Mirabai in an email.


Ernie: Mirabai is more than attached, but to Giridar first.


a prescient occurrence -- in college I went to a party as Krishna, blue all over!


with love and laughter,


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